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You ask, I play video series


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Hello fellow renegade-x players,

This is a new series called You ask, I play.

Basically, it's really simple. You ask a question about gameplay, and I will record it in-game and show it to you.

It's sorta in the style of Jam's, exept jams will proberly be better than mine as I have no eperience in video editing whatsoever.

Please note:

For Questions about general renegade-x, please look at Jam's Q&A.

So, ask questions here, and I will post it on Saturday.

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Yeah, and I wouldnt mind seeing how pistols worked...assuming youre not under any NDR.

The NDA for beta testers will probably end next week, this is why he can do it.

you say the NDA will prob be lifted, will people be able to stream it (twitchtv) if yes will anybody be streaming it?

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I am a Twitch TV broadcaster and have been for well over a year now. My community is growing at an incredible rate. I do broadcasts on everything from indie games and AAA titles, to live interviews with popular cosplayers and indie developers. I have always been a MASSIVE C&C fan for as long as I can remember. I would love nothing less than to be given the honor of spreading the word of this fantastic revival of that universe through my broadcasts. I understand the NDA is still in effect, It would be bad for business to make the bugs and glitches a public discussion. However, I have talked to many developers during my career and many of them laugh and take pride in some of the crazy glitches and bugs that occur during testing.

Without fully advertising my information, I just hope you consider allowing me to do this. It would personally mean a lot to me considering how much I have always loved C&C.

Please message me on Steam or email with any news. I will be away for a few days and I would love to know your resolve ASAP.

Thank you,

Stephen "Sodopestavi"

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Hey Stephen,

With the release of the open beta, the NDA is no longer in effect. You are free to share anything with regards to the Renegade X Open Beta with the public. You have our blessing.

This is fantastic news. I had a chance to check the forums before taking my leave. I hope that perhaps the devs will stop by my channel when I stream this. I plan to generate quite a few viewers engaging in Q&A about the development process you guys are currently going through to get this title into a full, retail-ready state.

At the risk of coming off as a self promoter for my channel, I humbly ask permission to post details about where the team and fans of the game can come to see it being played live.

Thank you again for the speedy response.



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