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Just some suggestions....


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Essentially all my suggestions are relating to information about Renegade X because it is fairly hard to find - rather you need to look.

I think this would help the success of the game making it easier to find

1.) update the front page of Renegade-x to show the release date. ( It is vague and only links to a youtube page )

2.) List the differences - im sure there is confusion about black dawn, the multi player, the old school and so on.

Thats it! Maybe also make a mailing list people can subscribe to that will give them a 1 week reminder before the release, then a 1 day reminder, then a date of release infomring how to download.

Some questions I have :

How will servers operate? Will the server files be available before the release?

Also....will there be some sort of "tracker" it would be nice to link game accounts to a tracker account where you can follow statistics on kills, deaths, time, score, even have a place to join clans and what not.

Just my 2cents

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1. a new website is currently in progress, i'm sure that one will go up soon.

2. i don't really mind about that, but i would rather see the player explore the game more not knowing what's going to be changed, feeling nostalgia going 'ooooh yeah!' everytime they see one of those insignificant things changed and whatnot. :)

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