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[Application] HeadClot for Renegade X dev team


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Hey all!

I am just curious how do I apply for the Renegade X Development team?

I will be putting my Skill set and Information about myself here as well.

About me -

Name: Benjamin Stanley

Location - Utah, United States

Skill set / Programs Used -

3D Coat

Retopology - Basic

3D Studio Max 2012+ -

Low Poly modeling - Basic to Intermediate

Hard Surface Modeling - Basic to Intermediate

Unreal Development Kit

Level Design - Intermediate

Material Editor - Basic

Kismet - Basic


Diffuse Map Creation - Basic


AO / Normal / Specular creation - Basic

Past Experience -

I have been a tester for Blue Hell Productions and a developer on several other modifications in the past. I do not have any other experience beyond that. I would like to gain some experience or at the very least some contacts in the games industry.

To Moderators: Feel free to move this.

*I just got Bitmap2Material today so I am still messing around with it and learning the workflow.

Contact Information -

Email: [email protected]

Skype: Ben_Stanley385

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