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First regular question to a newbie: Have you ever played C&C Renegade online?

The answer probably speaks for it, so here we explain again:

In C&C Renegade you play one soldier in a Base to Base fight. Most games are just all about shooting, in Renegade you can choose to play it also this way but the most successful way to play renegade is by working together. Your main objective is to destroy the enemy base, every structure you destroy, will give the enemy an disadvantage. If the timer of the map hits zero and there are still no bases destroyed, then the team with the highest score wins. Kill-hunting does not give a lot of credits. Attacking the enemy base does. So you still could get 30 kills and end up as worst player of the team. There are times you have to plan a rush of a specific kind of tanks, and sometimes you need to create distractions. The team with the greatest plans and team-play mostly wins. So it is not just another dumb shooter. It is about: Strategy, planning, map-knowledge, weakness-and-strength knowledge, skills, team-play, sacrifice, and yes some will play it as a regular shooter. There are situations where renegade could be a real mind game. Even while it is not a RTS. Probably one of the only FPS games around where your guns could be weaker as the mind.

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Don't forget that no single strategy always works. All "winning" strategies are build upon other strategies. Often a close combination of tanks and dispersion of units/unit types is the way to go.

I noticed a game where my team hardly had any snipers (I was so surprised). The amount of Raveshaws I had to battle against was overwhelming and no tanks and other units could seem to break it. It took a long while before that finally happened by intensive teamwork.

Its just one of the examples that nearly every game is.

But on topic, I think he just wants to get some cnc RTS feeling into the game. The problem with basebuilding and the other cnc strategies is that games will take way to long. You will notice that if people play an intense and awesome fight long enough, people start to dislike it. With basebuilding this would be the case. Awesome yes, but ruining in the end.

Playeronesvk, the strategy is there my friend. You will just have to play and you will see the intense battles form like you never seen before. No frantically running around trying to get your favourite weapon. No trying to be the best on your own.

You will get fights that matter with your enemy. You chose your weapons and vehicles with care. Every death is a loss to your own economy and every hit a boon. Every building you take out is a real prize that you will cheer about. Every building you lose a handicap that will make you adopt different strategies and fight much more fierce. Joining at any time, often without a great handicap. Not giving up even in defeat, making them pay double or much more before they can execute the final blow. Or just bringing the thunder when you finally have them beat and burn them down with a mass of fame tanks.

The greatness of this game never ceases to amaze me. Renegade-X will extend that feeling even more.

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