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Oculus Rift support down the road.


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Seeing as UDK apparently has some sort of Oculus Rift support, I wonder about the possibility of First Person view in RenX having Oculus Rift support in the future. Not only would Virtual Reality be a sweet addon, it would also provide quite a lot of free advertisement for the project as a whole.

PS: It's been a while Fobby, I haven't been on Live Messenger (or whatever it was that we used) to talk to you in a looooong time. Long time no see!

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I highly doubt it. As is, there are way more things that need addressing than the implementation of an Oculus.

Frankly, getting RenX to work with an Oc sounds more like an experimental project/mod that one can do on their own after the game is out. I assume this way due to the way some people were applying it to older games to see it effect.

Plus, if RenX was to support it...how much time / effort / resources would go into that versus how many people would actually be making use of it. Supply and Demand almost, no demand of it, so it is not supplied. :(

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