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Am I a beta tester?


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  • 9 months later...

I was in the initial UT3 beta, and was wondering if that counts, as I have been inactive since then. My nickname is also incorrect, "BlackDragon" was supposed to have capital letters.

EDIT: I'm Extremely sorry for the thread revival, I forgot to check everything about the age of the last post until after I posted my own.

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My question was more about the fact that I was around for the UT3 version. I can understand my lack of activity disqualifying me, if that's the case, even considering the age of my account. The forum group tag isn't automatic (and usually isn't for this kind of thing) from what I can tell, so that's not the best indicator.

Again, I'm sorry about the thread necro, and I know it's typically taboo, but it was a mistake I never meant to make, and I did check the rules afterwards, and they don't say anything at all about the subject, at least as of last night, and with the relatively short length of the original thread, well..

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There is no UT beta tag on these forums. Im pretty sure Phase 1 meant for the SA version. I wouldnt worry too much about status, since a small forum like this gives status to the active (and Im not talking about titles).

Usually forums like these have specific post counts that automatically upgrade your title after a certain number of posts, but I remember randomly being upgraded to Junior Member overnight, so I dont think they use that setting here.

No biggie about the thread res, just watch your dates from now on.

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