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Hello Renegade-X team!

Maybe some of you already know me (as Mike on MSN)

I've been playing Renegade a loooong time (about 6 years now but with some pausing time in between).

And i love this game!

So, i thought to help a team that is trying to bring that game into a comlete new enigne (like UT3 :rolleyes: ).

What I can do:

- coding (nearly in every common language e.g. C/C++, C#, Java, PHP and for a short time now in UScript)

something I've done in UScript (for UT3):

- Thats a Stats-View like its used in Renegade for displaying Player-Stats

- This is only an example and I think some details will be changed!

- I've also added a new view (that one where you see only your own stats but more detailed, seen this version in Ressurection Mod for Renegade)


War-Lord told me, that i can code this Stats-View as i asked him what I could do (and he has coded the credits-system that is shown there!)

Thx War-Lord!


I've forgotten some Information about myself i think, here it comes :) :

Age: 20

At the moment i'm a student at the best University in Germany :) (my opinion :) )

someone interested in:

weight: ?

height: ?

just pm me :)

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You dont need a mod :) just add -nomovieintro to your Ink.

would be something like:

C:\\Binaries\UT3.exe -nomovieintro

(or make a .bat file and put this content in)


Q: How to make a .bat file?

A: Just make a new textfile (.txt) and then rename it to .bat (btw. show known endings or whatever it's called under windows must be activated!)

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