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Webpages not showing properly


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What version of FF do you have and what extensions? I've got and the C&C3 page seems to render fine for me.

Use IE for those 2 pages?

The pathetic thing is, IE doesn't conform to web standards for page rendering. Some web designers, rather than coding for the web standards, code so it will work with IE's POS page renderer and therefore it won't function properly in FF.

There are a few pages I have to use IE for; well not IE itself, I got IETab for FF so I don't have to open IE7 because that program is such a crapfest. Whoever designed the interface for IE7 should be fired. Along with all the testers and whoever approved it to be released to market. Most backward-ass interface of the web...

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As for extensions I have quite a few, any specific you think of or just a specific category? I have 8 extensions some for support with my dl manger and a mcafee siteadvisor and a toolbar to get easy access to valuta calculations etc..

And yes they both work perfectly for IE, but on that point I agree fully with you about IE7, but what is that IETab you talk about?

EDIT: found that IETab and that fixed it totally many thanks for the help topic can be locked now if you wish

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