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My new PC


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Gots a new pc.

Antec Sonata III Case

Asus P5E MotherBoard

2GB of Ram

Western Digital 500 GB HD Raid edition. 2 of these which will be raided 1 TB of space in total

Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT This i dont have yet, it was out of stock.


I will be getting the new Intel Quad Cores that will be avaliable in mid february. These new cpus are 50% faster than current quad cores, and will be the same price as current quad cores atm.

I cant wait to start up this machine when i get my GPU. biggrin.gif

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yeah I will be using Raid 0. Thing is i've never had a hard drive crash on me before. and i always back up everything important every now and then on an external hard drive. So nothing to worry about.

I am using my new pc atm, biggrin.gif its freakin awesome. Ohh and killa, guess what the new Geforce 8800GTs are smaller than the old ones, it fits in just fine in this case no problem. I have more than an inch of space between the fan and the edge of the card. Wires have enough space too.

I was play testing UT3, and my god... a sold 60+ FPS on maximum graphics. I dont have crysis, but im dling the demo to see how that will handle.

I also over clocked the temp processor 100%, so instead of it being 1.6ghz, its at 3.2 ghz. The PC still stays nice and cool, and very quite which I like. Much better than my old pc where i had 11 fans.

I still have to get the second hard drive today, than i will reformat it again, and set up properly, than transfer all of the data from my old hard drive.

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I'll probably be upgrading with a whole new system when the new quad's come out as well. I've only had this computer for about a year now. Case is 2 years old...so it's time for a new everything. I'll probably keep my two 320gb harddrives and use RAID 1 for those, and then buy a 750gb HITACHI HD for just all my media and junk. Those new HITACHI HD's are freakin awesome. Hardcore gamers/video editing should get those.

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PC is up and running. yay! All thats left to do now is install everything tongue.gif Today is going to be a long day.

Umm i think its around 1150 canadian dollars.

You guys upgrade your PCs so fast... My old pc lasted me more than 4 years.

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