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RA freezes


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I have a problem with my RA1 after playing about 1 minute or so it seems to always freeze, so I have to press the "windows button" to get the taskbar to appear and force RA to close.

I am using TFD and a totally clean install with no modification, however it do consist of Aftermath and counterstike as you can't install RA1 alone without those on TFD.

Soo does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

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they all are (in fact I haven't done it myself, so I think TFD does it automatically when installing it) And well if I were to install from those orginal disc I had I would have to miss out the two exp. and it wouldn't be the same to play without TT's, demoes, MADs etc.

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Originally posted by Mighty BOB!




All ship Worldwide.

You mad those 3 incl. shipping to Denmark would go up in 52,95$ if I calculate right FOR A GAME FROM 1995. I gave around 19,44-29,19 for the whole TFD, and that is 6 games(if you see the game + expansions as one game), so that would mean if you do it equal RA there only cost me MAX. 4,86$ and that is if you calculate same price for all the games, but everybody knows that in realty RA would be one of the cheapest in that box

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