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Someone got shot outside of my apartment


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So at about 11:22 myself and my 3 roomies are just chilling, and then we hear 8-12 gunshots really close to the apartment. About 4 seconds later the first siren, and we all scramble to the window, followed by at least 18 more sirens. All 4 of us scramble for our cameras. The police cars came from all directions, and right at the intersection of Fillmore and Turk all the squads cars converge. Then come the officers on foot, and they all have their guns drawn screaming at a guy to get on the ground. There are 1, maybe 2 cars at awkward angles on the north side of the intersection. 1 is the shooter's van, the other could be a victim.


12 squad cars in this pic. Out of frame are at least another 6.



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