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Do you want to change D-6's original style?


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Seriously, stop complaining if something looks slightly different. We dont care about the complaints we get from people whom want everything to be exactly the same (some even want us to remake the glitches). If you want it to be exactly the same, then go play Renegade. We've stated a million times that we're not making everything exactly 100% the same. We have an opportunity to make Renegade bigger and better then ever in every way imaginable, and we're not going to let this opportunity slip by making it 100% the same. So stop complaining about such things, because we're not going to bother with them.

We had a discussion about the D-6 colorscheme and decided to make it more believable. That's why it is not an orange. It is a very dark orange.

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lol amen to the above...

besides I always HATED the orange (I used to have the Black and Gold GDI units skin cuz it looked 20 times better than the original lol)

personally I definately like changes like these... it makes the game more beautiful instead of more arcade like :)

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