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PAID: Create Website Design for Counterstrike Source


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We want to start a new website for MP-Gaming to do with Counter Strike Source.

Now i went through a dozen websites with both free and paid templates but i can't really find anything nice.

I was wondering if there are any people here who know how to design a website properly.

I am willing to pay you ~$50-$100 on Paypal if you create us a website which we can use on the new domain.

But it must be something very nice. I would suggest you first create a design in Photoshop and show a screenshot

of how you intend the design to be. It should have two unique pages: The hompage and a page for random content such as a disclaimer.

Let me know if you are interested.

Contact info:

MSN: [email protected]

IRC: irc.mp-gaming.com #mp-gaming nick: zunnie

Greetz zunnie

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