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Hello. A small question.


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I've been a C&C Renegade fan ever since. I played it for years, but the engine is too old and frustrating, No lag compensation and letting the client hit check made it really annoying at times.

I've been following Renegade X for a while, like a year or so. My question is, Is the beta Stable and balanced enough to play? are there many bugs and glitches that people abuse? are the devs still working? Is there a big community here?

I don't have UT3 ATM but I will buy it just for this mod.

Couldn't find many game play vids on YouTube.

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first of all: dude look around you and look @ the announcements! :P

second of all: welcome to the forums :) . the game itself is quite stable at the moment, with a few little glitches here and there but these will be handeled by the devs one way or another.

right now they're busy porting the game to the UDK basically making a standalone version of the game. This takes a lot of time and that's why there haven't been much progress anouncements (although i must say that Operation Black Dawn looks GREAT). So you'll just have to wait untill new updates are announced. But the devs are definately working on the mod as much as they can :)

As for the community part, there is the MP gaming community and of course all the players in the game itself and on these forums. I dunno about the peak hours with the most players online though. I live in The Netherlands and those hours are when i'm asleep from what i can understand :P

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