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Hello people,

I'm planning to make another trailer, this time with my own music and movie material. As I've got so many problems with recording material, I would like to ask people to post links here to places where I can download movies from both original renegade and renegade-x, preferably made by yourself. If you want you can also post your ideas of a trailer or how the material you give me is to be used, and I'll see what I can do about it.

I'll also make a credits list :)

Currently, here's the script in simplest terms:

Old renegade material with a soft and somewhat erratic beat behind it, shows all viable methods of gameplay from simply all the ways to destroy a building to various rush tactics, and most of the bugs.

One moment of silence.

Renegade-x starts with a music theme that was brought to you by westwood studio's ;) , which will simply show off with graphix and will show which bugs are removed from the old one. I would like lots of material of infantry rushes, as they rarely featured in the official trailers so far.

Hope you guys are willing to help!

Yours sincerely,


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