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Tiberian sun music


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Hi there,

I've been trying to get the music from tiberian sun for some time now, so I can listen to it without playing the game. But I don't know how I can rip it off the cd, and it's nowhere to be downloaded. Does anyone have an idea how I can download it or rip it off the cd? I've got the first decade.

Thanks, Demigan.

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Get XCC Mixer

Put Tib Dawn cd in the drive

Through XCC navigate around to your cd drive and start digging.

Should be able to sort by type and look for audio formats. I want to say .wav, but unsure on TD since it have been so long.

Should be able to play the file through XCC program to see if you got the right ones. (might be sound effects, etc)

Should be able to right click and extract or save as something.

Then there you go.

I did this for getting music from Tib Dawn - Firstorm. I also used it for modding Renegade. I also used this in the same manner (navigating to my cd drive) with various games (Ghost Recon, lots of Battlefields, Raven Shield, etc) to find textures, models, sounds, music, etc. Again, I have not touched that program much in the past 4 years, so hopefully that will work. :P


Must have missed it the first time.

I am not sure about Frist Decade CDs.

I ripped all mine from the originals.

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Permagrin.....ty sooo much lol. TibSun had some great tracks....it really added to the atmosphere of the Tiberium Universe. I'm thinking of adding it to my mod...which the goal of is to make Red Alert 3 less retarded...none of the units will be the same...nor the cartoonish sounds.

Please take the time to visit the sites that I list after this...they helped me so much. Don't judge it at first give it a try. I get free membership for any game that I ever want to play...as with playstation gear and xbox live.



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