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Hi i have played the original renegade for many years but i do not have UT3. Is this game (renegadeX) worth it? like is there lots of people playing online and is there a story mode? I want to know some details before i go out and buy a copy of UT3.


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OK, UT3 is like $10 on steam. If you have ever played one of the UT games you will know how mindlessly amazing they are. then if you download the Ren-x beta you can get a strategic game that is more amazing, in the end you will have 2 games for $10. :D

From what I hear most people are waiting until it is a standalone but if you get it now you can have an edge on all the other people who are still admiring the scenery when you have experience in-game. :lol:

ID what you should do, it is up to you

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QUOTE (butthead78 @ Mar 6 2010, 07:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hey thanks for the quick reply. Is there an offical release of the standalone game and a price?[/b]

There is no set release date, but it isn't going to be any time soon. It will be free when its released.

IMO, you should just spend the $10 on UT3, which you can get off of steam.
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