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Hero units


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You know what I idea I do like though? Hero units. The draw back being that there can only be one of that unit on that team. Not saying it has to be limited to only one unit, but I think it would be an interesting addition to the standard gameplay, not just implemented as a modification.

It was implemented in TS as the Cyborg Commando and the Mammoth Mk. 2 and in RA2/YR as Tanya, Boris and (Yuri Prime? Come to think of it..Yuri didn't really have much a hero unit if at all..). Just an idea, I'm sure it it will be taken as a grain of salt since it's not part of the original gameplay but I think it is limited to only one person can be that unit then it wouldn't upset gameplay much. And you could just have a server option to turn them off. Just an idea.. I don't have the time or resources to commit myself to even make it a mod but maybe someone does. It stays pretty true to the C&C universe as far as I'm concerned and balance issues shouldn't be hard to work out. I can certainly brain storm about this idea all I like but as I said, I don't have the means to make it happen.

I'm new to these forums as you can see so don't butcher me too much, lol.

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QUOTE (epicelite @ Mar 3 2010, 07:38 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Whats with the sudden influx of bad ideas? :huh:[/b]

Have you ever read your ideas?

Having hero units is not a bad idea, it would definatly add something to the mix. Not sure how it can work out but one thing when we were discussing a few new game mode possibilites we did think of a similar system where such a thing could be implimented. Though nothing is really final at all, so dont get your hopes up.
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Under the assumption you that it does go through it's almost a requirement for the hero units to auto regenerate their health. I don't think one or two units per side would hurt. I was thinking Kane and/or a Cyborg for Nod and..I'm actually pretty clueless for GDI. The reason why I would do two for each side (maybe three? seeing as there are 3 infantry types for the most part, excluding engs and techs..maybe..I love and hate that idea, might be too much) is so balancing issues are worked out better and you can make the units similar. One has a focus on infantry while the other on armor.

Making a vehicle hero unit sounds cool but..odd at the same time. And that vehicle would just be a giant target and probably hamper the team anyway. Maybe you can figure something out.

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Whoever buys it. Same difference as with the vehicle limit. If your team is at limit, the person who wants a vehicle is SOL and either continues playing without or waits for it. I'm sure whoever the hero unit is will be a target and likely die before any other most of the time but that's just a risk you have to take.

EDIT: It would suck if some noob just ran around with it..if you want, I'm sure there is a way to restrict who can buy it depending on a person's score or kills. I don't think that is needed but it could be something you might consider if you really concerned about it. I guess this would be another reason why at least two hero units per side might actually be a good idea.

EDIT2: Another idea I had was making it a random occurrence when buying a unit, but I personally think that has bad idea written all over it. Gets rid of the deciding who gets it factor though.

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