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MP UT3 WAR Night (Top 5 Customs)


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MP-Gaming xFire Community


Location: Germany

I would like to invite everyone who has Unreal Tournament 3 for a gaming event on Saturday the 27th of February @ 9PM GMT+1 on the server "MP-Gaming.com UT3 Top 5 WAR".

This WAR server is running 5 custom maps: war-valley, war-moltencore, war-beachfront, war-infection-forest and war-synapse.

They are the winners of the Phase One MSU Contest Best Warfare Level.

You can download our mappack over here: MSUC Phase One WAR Pack

The server is set to 32 players and bots will enter the game for a min of 6 players, meaning that if one player joins there will be 5 bots, or 2 players and 4 bots etc.

The statistics are also recorded for the matches we play, they can be viewed on our UT3 Stats Webpage.

Visit our UT3 Website for more information about our servers.

Greetz zunnie

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Well guys the 'event' starts in 5mins please be there

You can connect using console (press F10) and type:

open war.mp-gaming.com:5555


You need the WAR Pack which contains 5 kickass maps, you can download here:


Hope to seeya ingame for some nice games

Teamspeak3 is running on ts.mp-gaming.com

Greetz zunnie

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