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My impressions so far 19-02-2010


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No problems with installing everything which is good. But the game itself really needs more tweaking and stuff, even after the last update. I´d say it´s about 60% finished.

The way characters move/jump/reload/fall/crouch/die, vehicle view/movements and hit/damageboxes, to name a few, are just not so much finished, too bad.

It was fun to play though, and the graphics look cool on high, nothing toooo fancy. Original sounds (boinkkkkkk!) which is fun. APC´s, arty, buggy, stealthtanks look really cool! As if EA just released Renegade 2 beta, impressive! :mellow:

Played with 8-10 people, in Islands, Field, Under, Hourglass and Walls, got my ass kicked because of too much lag. Loading times were o-k. No dramatic stuff.

Menus were o-k. Text was readable. Could be improved a lot.

Had to turn my graphics settings too the lowest possible online to get playable frame-rates, whilst on an offline game I could turn almost everything up. I´m on a Dell E6400, 2GB ram, and a 8600M [email protected]

Nevertheless I played for 2/3 hours straight and I can imagine when it´s finally totally done, it´s gonna ROCK! :blink:

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