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Scheduled Events for APB and RenX


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Renegade-X - Saturday 20 February 2010


This weeked we will be setting the RenX Slaughterhouse #1 server to zero timelimit meaning there is not time set and the game continues for as long as both sides have at least one building alive...

If you don't already have Renegade-X or want to know what it is you can visit their official website over here:


Note to new players: We run several custom contents on the server and you will download approx. 35mb of data when connecting to the server.

In addition to that you will require the new map from kenz3001 which can be downloaded on game-maps.net over here:




Red Alert A Path Beyond - Saturday 20 February 2010


Hereby we are scheduling an event for the game A Path Beyond.

We will be playing two maps:

Soviet Invasion Coop CF


For the Invasion map we will set the starting credits to 1200. The LOLmap will have 60500 starting credits.

On the LOLmap we are not going to basekill, but rather fuzz around and have some fun with the crazy stuff Eggman pit in it :)

The server will be hosted on the following ip and port. Add it to your APB Launcher:

Name = coopserv

IP =

Port = 8877

Hope to seeyou there,

greetz zunnie

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