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RenegadeX Server Stats


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I have developed a stats system that reports in-game stats of the MP-Gaming server. It currently lists players in game, score, rank, map and time remaining.

Its not very advanced but it allows people to find out what is happening in the server without having to start the game or mIRC. I hope to add more detailed features in the future.

Without further anticipation here it is:


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I was considering doing this but it was brought to my attention that Webadmin does not record kills and deaths properly. Thus, recorded stats may be incorrect. If anyone has ideas of how to get around this problem i am open for suggestions because i would like to turn this into a more sophisticated ranking system.

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QUOTE (QUAKERxnc @ Jan 10 2010, 12:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hm, Kills and death does not matter in this game only the earning points are important. And if won or not.

Kills/Death is only a gimmick.

A Ladder would be fine.[/b]

I am working on making a system that would log this but i am currently slow on time so progress is slow.
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