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Forced to playPlaying with an UT3 account?


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Why every time I choose a server to join in the Renegade X Frontend the game asks me to log in to a UT3 account? I know this doesn't happen to everybody, and before it didn't happen to me, why? can I deactivate this?????

(I pressed the enter key accidentally, the real title is Forced to play with an UT3 account?)

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QUOTE (TiberFCSL @ Nov 21 2009, 08:40 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It works, but I'm afraid the game logins automatically to my UT3 account, because I can't change my name with the command "setname". I want to use a different name not my UT3 account name. Thanks anyway :) [/b]

By saying this, it means that what you suggested doesn't work at all, I'm still connecting with my UT3 account but automatically, what I want is to launch Renegade X from the frontend, using the same name I provided in that program, not my UT3 account name.

Help, please!!!!!!
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Can't you just make a new UT3 account?

If you don't have a set UT3 account, then you will have to keep resetting your game's settings every time to run it. Meaning you will need to fix your resolution, adjust graphics settings, change custom keys, ect... every time you start the game. A UT3 account saves all of that information so you don't have to reset everything when you exit and then come back.

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