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Start up teamspeak:

1. Go to the drop down menu called "Connection"

2. Click on "Connect"

3. Make sure the "local address-book" tab is selected

4. Right click in the big white open space and select "Add Server"

5. Name it RenegadeX, or RenX, Or Renegade-X, doesn't really matter what you name it.

6. Now on the right hand side there should be entry fields labeled: Label, server address etc.

7. For a label put: Renegade X, or house of win, or I wan chezburgerz or what ever happens to fit your fancy.

8. For a server address enter:

9. Put a user name in.

10. DON'T put a user password yet

11. Make sure that anonymous is selected for now.

12. Leave all other fields blank.

13. Press Connect!


Now that you are in the server, make sure your options are configured right and all that stuff.

I'm not 100% sure but I think self registration is allowed if the server, so to register with the server:

1. Got to the "Self" menu

2. Select "Register with server" (If you can't select it, Skip the next steps and go bother fobby/jeep/havoc to allow you to register)

3. Enter a user name and password.

4. Remember your user name and password, then leave the server

5. Under Connections Click on the renegade-X server or what ever you named it

6. Enter the user-name that you registered with the server

7. Enter the password you had registered in the "user password" field

8. Select the "Registered" tick box instead of "anonymous"

9. Press connect

9. And from then on if all things went as planned, Enjoy playing renegade-x with the ability to talk to people.

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