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<@SkeeterPan> Look

<@SkeeterPan> I have two accounts there now

<@SkeeterPan> Jam too

<@SkeeterPan> The first account 'SkeeterPan'

<@SkeeterPan> Was working just fine

<@SkeeterPan> Till a couple of days ago

<@SkeeterPan> Then it just stopped working, can't log in anymore

<@SkeeterPan> So I made a new account

<@SkeeterPan> 'SkeetrPan'

<@SkeeterPan> But their validation system doesn't work

<@SkeeterPan> So that account is read only

Could you look at it and fix that please?



Thanks :)

Greetz zunnie

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On a similar note, I've been trying to join for several weeks. But even though created two accounts with two email addresses could not receive validation email. (not in spam or blocked or anything). Emailed a mod the other day and got an email validation today. Not sure if it is linked. Not sure if other people trying to register are having a similar problem either.

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QUOTE (Mighty BOB! @ Nov 20 2009, 11:19 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Well you're logged in and posting, does it matter that you can't change your password? :P[/b]

All the accounts that got their passwords changed during the site's transition can't reset their passwords. The email with the new password arrives, however the password just does not work. The same might hold for anyone that just lost his password, the new password sent to them might simply not work. So actually it does matter.
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We really like this tool and I have been posting it on the forum to help people. I do have one question. To us it seems session_path is doing the look up wrong. From what we see the check assumes that mod_php is used with no suexec.

Can you confirm this?


Website I developed for cash advances Toronto company.

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