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Website Migration

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I'm in the process of migrating renegade-x.com to it's new server. For over a year I have managed to run renegade-x.com on a Windows server but this has been a huge headache for over a year now. I have successfully moved over the forums, and soon the main page, over to the new linux server.


FORUMS: Keep in mind that since linux is case sensitive, renegade-x.com/Forums is not the proper way to visit these forums. You should use renegade-x.com/forums. I currently have a symbolic link setup for those who are still using /Forums and not /forums. You should re-bookmark with the correct url.

DNS: DNS propagation may take 24-72 hours for some of you. Really there is no point in me writing this since those who are having DNS problems can't even read this yet. But if you know someone who can't see this, they can change their DNS servers on their computer to " &" (Level3 DNS servers) and be able to view this site while it propagates to their ISP DNS servers. I have to use these DNS servers for now since my ISP takes like 72 hours to update their DNS servers...

Please report all website bugs here since there will be some as we are now on a linux platform instead of windows. We would like to fix these issues as soon as possible.

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