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spare time


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i had the flu a few days ago and had some free time. i had an old computer sitting around and remembering seeing soemne doing this elsewhere, so i figured... WHY NOT

im going to mount everything on the wall eventually. maybe mount the CD drive under the desk




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Lol thats awesome. I used to be into case modding a few years ago cutting various shapes into the side of the case with a dremel adding some plexiglass and placing some LED's behind it. My favourite one was a C&C 3 one.. let me hunt for a pic...



I also fitted one to an old audio amplifier and placed a small screen on the front:





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nice ric

...and i hung it on the wall if you cant tell. it actully looks preaty kool when its running their of ambient LEDs on the back MB that light up the surronding wall. looks preaty kool when its used, which is almost never.

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