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Dedicated LAN


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hey People, i like to create a Dedicated LAN for Renegade X in My Gaming Center, but i tried and it does not work!, i looked online and all the info was for dedicated online server

Can anyone please Explain me step by step on how to create a Dedicated server for Renegade X?

i got all the files needed to make it

UT3 Dedicated Server

UT3 Patch 5

Renegade X 0.35

Renegade X 0.36

OK let me explain what i tried to do here:

1-Installed windows

2- I installed the dedicated server ( G:\games\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated) )

3- Installed Patch 5

5- installed Renegade X 0.35 then 0.36 ( G:\games\Unreal Tournament 3 )

6- opened UnrealFrontend

OK first of all how do i enable the mod in the UnrealFrontend? tried to go to MP i put Dedicated then in went and went and looked for a renegade X map, and of course it did not worked like that :(

So can you please explain how to get a LAN server Running?

I am sure i am not the only one trying to understand how to run a dedicated LAN

Thx in advance.

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