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Where's the pot-luck silly threads?


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So, after doing a quick review of the off-topic threads, I'm surprised that there aren't any large community 'lol' threads. On one hand, that's commendable (4chan......). On the other hand, it makes me feel like everyone is being really.... serious. You know?

So, what about it? 5 word phrase stories? A central spam thread (to get it out of our systems)? Funny pictures thread? Long cat is loooooooooong?...

Well, not LongCat, I guess. But, still, I feel some small amount of supported silliness is needed.


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The off topic is all yours, do whatever you gotta do![/b]

True :D . But I'd also like to know what would tickle everyone's funny bone. Perhaps I should'a made this a poll thread...

"Got really innappropriate"? How so? I suppose that's why I didn't find it in the old threads?
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