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Is it posible to make custom maps?


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Could i use the UT3 editor to make a map for the current release of Renegade X?

If so what would i all need, you should make it available so the community could get some quick made maps of some old time favorites(until you guys update them with awesome quality.)

If we cant do it yet when do you think we will get access to the tools to be able to do it(thinking of buildings and terminals.)

Anyone remember the custom map from renegade that allowed u to use the rocket bike lol can we ever expect that bad ass thing in this game?

Anyways so far loving the beta, only thoughts are in 3 hours of gameplay i never onced saw a tower or obelisk die?!?!?!? Maybe the teams just weren't organized enough. The damage on them should be reduced and HP lowered. We even tried huge tank rushes and nothing couldn't get the obelisk down before it melted all of us(2 medium tanks and 3 mamoths.) Also shotgun should have more spread and less dmg from afar, but still be lethal up close.

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Please see this thread regarding mapping. Basically, you could make a map that works with RenX right now, but the way our code/methods change so often, it would stop working with the mod when the next patch came out. And since we have many patches planned, you'd have to constantly update the map.

As for the Recon Bike, that is still a while off, but yes in the future you'll be able to use it in custom maps! :D

Please post your balance observations in this thread. :)

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