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Building Damage


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I was reading in the FAQ section (I think it was) and saw some discussion about buildings collapsing when they're destroyed. There were issues with spawn points messing up and PT access being difficult/impossible.

So here is what I thought could work;

Have only parts of buildings fall and have the the rubble land in precise places that wont affect gameplay so it's really only a visual thing. I knocked up some pictures in MSpaint YEAH!!!!!1.

Please remember I am not an expert at animation and I know almost nothing about UT, so go easy on me if you think I'm talking boulderdash.

Ok, so here we have an AGT;


I thought maybe a big hole could be blown out upon destruction and the rubble could fall inwards inside the top of the AGT, therefor exposing some wrecked inner workings of the structure. The tall arial thing could bend half way up and fall against the AGT and maybe a machine gun can fall onto the ground (with no player collisions) while the texture changes to a cracked burnt texture like good ol' renegade does.

Next up, The Obelisk;


This is basicly the same as the AGT. The top could bend over but not actually come away so players shouldn't be affected by it. Some inner mechanical stuff can become exposed also like the AGT.

Lastly I have the Ref;


All the damage is high up with the smoke stack on the roof and the silo can collapse inwards (posibly spilling tiberium or atleast leaking gas).

All the player areas and doors can avoid being affected as all the damage is pretty much just visual, with tiberium gas, flames and smoke.

Thanks for reading /me runs and hides now.

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