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So i've owned UTIII now since like January and i've finally decided to try it out. I didn't play online or anything, just dicked around with some bots seeing if my computer could handle the game. Well it was pretty crappy. Kept on bouncing around, the game would stop, then start again....pretty much lagging around everywhere.

My question is is there anything I can do to increase the performance of the game without buying a new computer. All I have now is my laptop....and I know I shouldn't play on a laptop yada yada yada but my desktop crapped out on me and I have no money to build a new one.

My specs are: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.00GHz

2 gigs of RAM

Running 32-bit Vista Home Premium

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

DirectX 10, enough disk space, updated drivers.

Oh, if it matters it's an HP Pavilion dv6500se

Please help, don't want to miss out on the release of RenX



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Here is the lastest video card drivers for your Geforce 8400


Just click the download button, save it, run it and it'll update it and it should ask you to restart then your card should run alittle bit better.

I personally wouldn't spend $30 a year for that. All i ever do is check for video card updates and have windows auto update on. :huh:

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Something to remember is that most laptop graphics chipsets are cut down versions of full graphics cards. This means that it won't be as powerful as a desktop. You will essentially need to play with lower graphics settings to get a smooth frame rate.

Also make sure your not running anything in the background while your trying to play and as suggested ensure your drivers are all up to date. I would suggest visiting your laptop manufacturers website for the correct up to date drivers although they may not be the most up to date drivers, check the dates on them.


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Listen to them they are correct.

If you want to increase the quality of your computer then buy some ram. I'd rec 4 gigs if possible. But that won't solve your issue. It is graphics related. I have a 9100 M G in my laptop and it does run UT3 but graphics look horrible when you make it with the lowest settings, but hey at least it doesn't lag.

I have an additionaly desktop though, luckily I have a 9800 GT with 1 GB DDR3 ram on it. It's sweet. Oh and did I mention the extra 8 Gb of DDR2 Ram that I have on the mobo? :P

My desktop has never lagged unless I'm downloading something. But seriously, if you want to game with great graphics, I'd recommend you purchase your own desktop because it will be alot more expensive to buy a gaming laptop that doesn't lag when you play UT3, CODWAW, etc...

Good luck dude. If you need assistance on anything just pm me. I check these forums about every day or two.

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