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The Hud and some questions...


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Well we have most (if not ALL) seen the new trailer , and i thought i should say this as soon as possible , I don't like the new HUD all that much to be honest Default Renegade's was much better because it added more of a tiberian dawn feeling (unit boxes , squares as health bars , nuff said ) , i don't mean to bash on the artists that have put their sweat on blood making this new HUD for the mod and there might be some that prefer this one to the old one... so i though...why not have both? you did make those images about the old Hud (moddb) so instead of letting those go to waste , let us pick which HUD we want on the options menu , this way you can appeal to a larger group of people .

I made this thread because I KNOW it's a pain to use Unreal Editor (i have experience on that :P) and this could irritate a lot of players...by letting us chose you can save yourselves from 'flamers' on the long road , don't you agree? :)

Would you guys consider adding air strikes as an alternative the Ion Cannon/Nuke ? (as in just a different animation to do the same thing [Nod had A-10s on the Covert ops mission , Twist of Fate , so no excuses abut Nod not having air strike capability :D ])

Also to help new players , maybe you can use the (literally) hundreds of unused EVA files that voice stuff like , low health , structures about to die , structures infiltrated (ONLY for the team that infiltrates the others building otherwise it would be too easy for the defenders to find the 'spy' , etc? {unrelated : anyone notice the lots of unused sounds that would indicate that base buliding was gonna be on Renegade? } to please the 'pros' you could add an option to reduce the Eva announcements on the options menu.

And again , it doesn't have to be for first release ;)

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If you look a little down in general there's already a thread about the Hud. It's 2 pages long atm, otherwise you should ask in the FAQ I think. I think the Hud they made is quite good, nostalgia might be great when you have the old hud but I actually see no reason not to update the graphix and overall look of the hud. After all, I'm interested in this mod for everything they are improving on the old thing. Why not the hud?

Having airstrikes would be fun. But thinking of the time and sweat it will take to configure that I suspect it's better to add it in later versions, if at all.

Anyone smart would have lots of those voice commands to aid them. Structures are about to die and intruder alert (which in some servers were enabled, but only hearable for anyone inside/close to the building) would give people a much faster reaction time to that kind of thing. It's hard enough right now to destroy a building in a good filled server.

Yours sincerely,


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well in original Renegade i didnt see airstrike and the spy was added by ppl who mods the server side. .. so dont expect to see this in Renegade X, you need to understand, and its wrote in 90% of topic in this forum, they remake the original C&C renegade under a new engine. all new feature that ppl want .. well you will need to create it and host it in your own server. those guys work hard to remake the game, its long, and they dont have time to think and work on things that its not in the original game, like i and other ppl said, ... open Unreal editor, and start working on what you want to do .. you got some month before the official launch :P so enough time to work on things you want

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