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Okay, So your cruisin' with your 92's and you see a G.D.I Engineer,(Enemy) he is smirking, and your like WTF I'm in a tank K?

He clicks his mighty detonator and it explodes, and your like WTF my tires blew!

So basically, is it possible to "damage" a certain area, like the wheels, or "technically" the "Axel" from C4.

Just a sweet though to give moar use to the Engineer :D

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My guess would be yes, it's possible. But I would guess that this will not be added because of the somewhat big change in gameplay.

[sarcasm]The goal is to KILL RENEGADE. yes.... KILL RENEGADE! And they've tried various methods.[/sarcasm]

The goal of Renegade-X as a mod is to remake Command & Conquer Renegade, obviously, and keep the gameplay as close to the original as possible. Minus the various bugs.

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