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Just had a thought...


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Ok, not sure what the rules are on this kind of thing but I would imagine if anything can help the development of the mod then it's all good. Anyway, just had a thought. About a year back I was working with a mod team based on a game called "Tribes Vengeance", the team was called Rise.


The mod as you can imagine was similar in project to your own accept it used Crysis as it's platform rather than Unreal Tournament 3. The mod it's self was set to re-create Tribes Vengeance with graphical and physics enhancements aswell as a whole new host of features and technical tweaks. the story of Tribes Vengeance is a whoful one, the game it's self was finished and released and at first well supported and played but in a short amount of time the developer, Sierra Entertainment, abandonded supporting it and eventually it was left to the community to simply iron out what it could. As time went on the sommunity began to shrink and the game layed waste to hardcore enthusiats and mod makers.

So this layed the bones for something greater and a recreation was born, hence project rise (currently under way even to this day), so as it goes this is not the first project I had on my wish list of things to research and find because it's a classic idea and there are too many people in the world too smart not to make such a project a reality.

Anyway, me rambling on, I'll get tot he point. I was one of few concept artists... now can well imagine your full of talent here and my abilities, rusty as they are will more or less be useless but I'd like to share some of the "legal" images I'm "allowed" to show you of rise, then I'll ask for your opinion on the point of all this talking ;-)

Thhe images below are a set developed to replace the games most powerful handhelp weapon, the Mortar Gun.

The first incredibly rough pad I made for the gun, nothing speacial and like I say, me and the founder went over this sheet for a good few days before anything else was sketched up.


This is somewhere in the reagion of 2nd stage development, any furhter and it begins to reveal far more about the specific features and development of the gun it's self.


Anyway, to my point, would you consider more if I was able to take suggestions on the repair gun and say... mail the images or results of it directly to fobby/member of dev team? I don't want any special credit or anything, just to know I helped if atall would be enough really :-)

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I'll have something for you to look at soon, just messing with a few "tip" ideas, the part of the gun that actually produces the beam, not overly sure how complex your able to model the animation of a weapon, so I'll throw a few ideas on the table :-)

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