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Renegade-X for Xbox 360?


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So, I was looking through the FAQ's and noticed you guys plan on releasing this for the PS3 after the PC Release. Is there any chance you guys will release this to the Xbox 360 also? I know a ton of my Console Elitists friends will love that... Playing Renegade on the 360 would probably be the best thing I ever played on that thing...

... Just something to consider.


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The Xbox 360 Version of UT3 does not support mods, At the moment... Also if this mod were to be ported to the 360 it would have to be done by Epic games in cooperation with EA and Microsoft, because right now UT3 does not provide any tools for the Xbox 360 or creation of Xbox 360 content for UT3 while the PS3 does...

In the end... RenX will most likely not come out on the 360

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