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I think St0rm is still a good community and have been playing there for more than a year now on and off. The learning moderators are getting much better while the vetaran mods are doing a fine job I think catching and banning the cheating asses. I play on many servers and visit the official forums for many of these server communities and nowhere do I see cheaters getting caught so effectively as in St0rm.

Only thing I have mixed feelings about are the recent changes to include CTF mode within AOW. Sometimes it's fun but othertimes I am not so sure.

I think it's a decent place to have some Rene fun.

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... any point to this? storm was a decent community back in the day, then it went downhill.[/b]

What do you have against st0rm? :o :huh:

St0rm has grown into an incredible community which clearly is very well known. I still think it owns tsunami-gaming; because st0rms site, forums, etc. People are nice at both communities but St0rm has always helped with a technical error if I couldn't fix it on my own; or didn't have the time to.
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