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Found 3 results

  1. Agent

    Pick-Up Game

    The weekly Pick Up Games are a series of organized and competitive Renegade X matches where every player is communicating using Discord. There's a game every week unless otherwise noted in the forum thread. Discord is absolutely required. You can download Discord for free at discordapp.com, or use the web application. A microphone is highly recommended but not required; you must be willing and able to listen to Discord chat -- this is an organized competitive match, after all. To join the official Renegade X Discord server, simply go to https://discord.gg/totemarts
  2. Howdy y'all, the names Dogsbody and I love this game. I've been following the development of this amazing project through the years, from the shadows. I've played a few times in the past, mainly in 2016 and would love to dedicate some actual time in 2018 but I am lacking a group to play with, to help with an old dog like me learn some new tricks! Im a (very) small time youtuber and would love to capture the excitement of the game, fighting alongside some some new friends while having a fun and exhilarating time. I had a quick search, sorry if i missed something but are there any official RX public platforms? Discord? TeamSpeak? Etc?
  3. Привет всем русским! (если такие есть) Я открыл свой Discord сервер по Ренегату и его модам/ремейкам. Если есть желающие пообщаться, заходите к нам! Ссылка на Discord сервер UPD: Ok, I think this is necessary not only for Russians... You can join our server too, and you can talk in #eng or #renx (here can be Russians xD) chats! This is translation:
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