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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Sarah and me have been working on a new mode called Nod vs Black Hand (mostly refered as Nod vs Nod). Right now there is an Alpha test server running the mode. Currently there are only two maps available: CNC-WallsX and CNC-DaybreakX. The Recon Bike (not TS Attack Cycle) will also be added to both teams as a purchaseable unit in the future. There are some more maps planned though: CNC-Arid CNC-LakeSideBH CNC-UnderBH CNC-FieldBH CNC-OutpostBH (maybe) and some more Since I'm not good at writing exciting topics, I'll just drop some screenshots in: Known issues: Some HUD elements are not changed yet EVA voiceclips Some weapons need some work Commander powers C130 spawning random crashes Bots spawning with GDI soldiers
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