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  1. Cheers Sn4ke, My specs are 8gb RAM, Samsung 840 SSD, i7 920 @ 2.6ghz. That might be why there are some dips although the fps isn't too bad anyway. I can do some fiddling with the settings but just wondered if drawing up a guide to all the settings would benefit others who might want to optimise the game. For example, I've heard static decals reduce fps from elsewhere on the forum so it would be good to turn it off.
  2. Hi guys, First of all, the game is really good, well done to the devs! I'm running a GTX 780 at 4K and was wondering which settings should be turned off/reduced for max fps. Overall it's running quite well but if there are settings that don't need to be on and have little effect on the visuals, it would be best for me to turn them off. What do the Nvidia FXAA 1-5 settings mean? Is 1 the least amount of FXAA and 5 the most? As I'm running the game at 4K, I won't really bother with lots of traditional AA, but something quick and efficient to round off the edges would do nicely. Should things like static decals, lens flare, bloom and distortion be turned off? What exactly does distortion do? Also, Ambient Occlusion, is that a big fps killer? A quick breakdown of all the settings as a stickied post would be a great idea. Apologies if something similar already exists. Cheers!
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