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  • Game Design and Development

    3D Artist | Characters | Weapons | Vehicles | Props | UDK Non-PBR | UE4 PBR | UE5

    • Knowledge of good low poly game model practices (Triangle count, well packed UVs, LODs)
    • High and Low poly modeling for baking
    • Able to work off of and push art style
    • Knowledge of Substance Painter for texturing in non PBR (Specular & Gloss)
    • Knowledge of PBR (Metal & Roughness)


    UI/UX Artist | In-Game UI | Web | UDK | UE4 | UE5

    • Experience with Photoshop/Illustrator and/or similar tools
    • Communication skills are important to ask about requirements and feedback
    • Creativity
    • Able to work off of and push art style
    • Applications you'd be designing for:
      • Web design
      • Launcher
      • In-Game menu's
      • In-Game user interfaces


    Environment Artist | Level Assembly | Asset Creation | UDK | UE4 | UE5

    • Knowledge of UDK and level creation process
    • Knowledge of UE4 and level creation process
    • Ability to optimize levels for better performance
    • Good sense of lighting and colour composition
    • Create custom 3D assets, particles, and sounds (bonus)



  • Programming and Engineering

    UI Programmer | Flash | Action Script | Scaleform

    • Flash CS6 or Animate CC editor experience (or similar application)
    • ActionScript 2/3 knowledge
    • Experience with Scaleform
    • Any C++/Java/JavaScript/OOP language experience

    Web Developer | HTML | CSS | JavaScript

    • CSS knowledge
    • UI Framework knowledge: e.g. React or Angular, or similar
    • Ability to collaborate with an UI/UX Artist

    Gameplay Programmer | UDK Unreal Script | UE4 C++ | UE5 C++

    • General understanding of game development/game engines
    • Ability to create optimized and logical code
    • Understanding of general debugging processes/flow
    • Any C++/Java/JavaScript/OOP language experience
    • Experience with large codebases/frameworks
    • Knowledge of replication, server/client design
    • Foresight of how variables, functions and certain gameplay mechanics could be used in exploits
  • Information Technology


    Software Developer - Bot Services | Node.js | JavaScript | Python

    As a Bot Developer, you will be responsible for maintaining our current bot on the public Discord server as well as a few internal bots.

    • Ability to write and maintain bots written in Node/JavaScript and Python.
    • Experience with TypeScript and Golang.
    • Familiarity with Dockerizing apps and bots.


    Software Developer - C++

    As a C++ Developer for the IT team, your main role will be in maintaining the Jupiter IRC bot for the community.


    • Strong ability to write C++ code and work with existing codebases.


    Software Developer - CI/CD | Jenkins | CI/CD | Pipelines


    • Maintain CI/CD patch pipeline for Jenkins.


    • Knowledge o build systems and CI/CD pipelines, such as Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, etc.
    • Familiarity with docker-compose YAML syntax.
    • Ability to maintain build environments for game builds on UDK and eventually UE4/5.


    Backend Developer - Unnamed Project | C#/.NET 5 | Go | Rust

    You will be working on a new internal product for the IT team at Totem Arts.


    • Strong understanding of the web development cycle and programming techniques and tools.
    • Fluency in or the ability to learn C#, Golang, or Rust.
    • Familiarity with docker or containerization.


    System Administrator | Linux | Docker | Scripting | Networking | Ansible

    (This position is being rewritten and may disappear.)

    As a System Administrator, you are responsible for maintaining our servers and infrastructure. There are many changes coming to our systems in the future, and we will be needing help to pull them off.

    • Strong knowledge of Linux.
    • Experience with docker, docker-compose, and ansible configuration management.
    • Familiarity with Docker Swarm or some other orchestration platform (like Kubernetes, Nomad, etc.)
    • Familiarity with networking and VPNs.



  • To apply, you can ask in our Discord in the #modding channel. Someone there will be able to direct you to the person(s) that you can speak to.


  • We are incredibly grateful to all that apply, to our entire community and our fanbase. This has been a dream come true for us all. Help us to make even bigger dreams come true! If you don't think you can help out, then spread the word and link this topic to those who you may think would be interested in helping.

    Please keep in mind that Totem Arts is a group of passionate volunteers; and as such we do not expect a lot of your time to be dedicated to the project, but you should at least be able to keep in touch with the rest of the team and give regular updates on what you're working on. Ability to reach out for help and an understanding that we work together as a team to reach our goals is critical.

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