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CNC-Dust 1.4.0

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About This File


A map that is set in desert scenery with deadly Sandstorms wrecking the land.


- Infantry only!

- Symmetrical

- 1 Barracks for GDI

- 1 Hand Of Nod for the Brotherhood

- 1 Guard Tower per team

- 2 Green Tiberium Silos

- 1 Blue Tiberium Silo in the center

- 3 Cratespawns

- lots of infantry paths

- an open Battlefield for massive combat


Just unzip the package into the UDKGame directory and have fun!

What's New in Version 1.4.0




- fixed the preview image (now it works :p)

- redone the Endgame cam because the old one was too flickery

- redone the minimap and is now less egocentric

- added one-way paths for non chems at the silos

- added some decoration

- removed the barbed wire on the silos and the area is now accesible

- added wind effects to the foliage -> begins moving stronger during sandstorm


Yep thats it for now :D


Oh and btw. to see the actual sandstorm be sure that you have set the [Detail Level] in the [Settings] at "High" or "Very High"

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