Renegade X Firestorm TBD

The Tiberian Sun has risen


Deploy into war with a variety of huge maps available at release, with more to come after.
As the second Tiberium War has begun, fight in either tiberium wastelands, deserts, snow fields filled with tiberium flora, blue zones or even abondened cities!

Crash Site

Crash Site

A supposed "alien ship" crashed in Texas-New Mexico border. It caught the interest of the Brotherhood of Nod and was in the process of extracting its artifacts.

The Global Defense Initiative cannot let such an opportunity taken by Nod, a big battle is inevitable between the 2 superpowers over the possession of the alien artifact.



Set in Egyptian capital, Cairo, The Nod Pyramid is Kane's command center, housing the World Altering Missile, a very important center for Kane's dream of Ascension.

GDI were able to identify the exact location of the command center, the combined forces of the GDI were issued a massive assault on the Pyramid, fighting in a harsh Tiberium wasteland, filled with vienholes and Tiberium flora.

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Iconic Superweapons

Ion Strike

Ion Cannon

A single-beam weapon was most common during the Second Tiberium War. It takes time to charge up but when it charges, it deletes pretty much everything it sees in its area.

The weapon has a very large area of effect, capable of taking out multiple enemies if close to one another. The trump card of the GDI.

Ion Barrage

Ion Barrage

Similar to the ion cannon but for a smaller scale and uses less power, a set of "mini" ion beams fired that causes a great EMP effect in its area and deals area-of-effect damage.

Cluster Missile

Cluster Missile

Its role is similar to that of GDI's Ion Cannon, a game ender. The cluster missile requires some time to hit its intended target, making it less desirable to hit mobile targets.

When the missile reaches its destination, it will detonate, showering its target with very high damage submunitions, with uncertain, but effective results.

Chemical Missile

Chemical Missile

A missile filled with highly explosive Tiberium material. When it detonates, it creates a huge explosion but with a twist, it exerts a huge amount of tiberium gas that deals consistent damage over time to infantry, vehicles and buildings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our newest project, Firestorm, is Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun reimagined in the first person genre. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ion storms and desolate landscapes alongside your favourite Tiberian Sun units. The primary gamemode for Firestorm will feature capturable outposts where you can build your base, customize your infantry and pilot your favourite vehicles!

This is not a one-to-one port of Tiberian Sun into the First-Person Shooter genre.

More information will be available later.

We sure are! More info here.

Testers are selected by developers and are invite-only at the moment.

Currently there is no support for Mac or Linux. Windows 7/8/10/11 are the only supported environments for Firestorm.

For help with Linux installations, there is a community effort to create easy Linux installations for Renegade X. More info here.

Besides being set in the Second Tiberium War, Firestorm's gamemode is very different to Renegade X.

We are currently experimenting with what plays the best in our closed alpha tests.

We only publish and distribute games through this website.

Once we can get a full view of the scope and graphic fidelity of the game, we will be able to give recommended and minimum specs for the game.