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windowed mode doesn't match set resolution


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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find a way to play RenX on borderless windowed mode. After some readings and tries, i came to the conclution that my best chance was to set the game in windowed mode and then adjust it with an external tool at the exact dimensions of my screen, like i already did with Souls games and some others.
There is a problem tho: when i set RenX to windowed mode, it runs scaled down for some reason, like this: 

I've tried to set the resolution manually via console commands and config files, but i had no luck at all, and now i'm stuck with no other ideas.
Playing in borderless mode would be really better for me, as AMD instant replay clip tool seems to have some problems with fullscreen RenX, and i'm used to use alt+tab a lot for replying to DMs and maybe putting something in background to hear while i play.
I really like to play this game, i've played it a lot since the very first hour of the open beta, but this thing is really annoying nowadays. Can anyone give me a hint?

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