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City Flying


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Many moons ago there were rumors that this map was being Ren-x-ified.  Just curious whatever happened to that??  Because it would be awesome!....like, even better than this alleged "Firestorm."


just saying..Sarah please don't delete my topics!  This is a legitimate question!

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey AshbyJones,


Yes, City will still be remade for Renegade X! I've made some good progress on the map, I can safely say it is the best version ever created. We've even had a first playtest a while back which turned out great with a lot of positive reactions. However due to the fact we're all dedicated to Firestorm right now, barely any progress is being made as we speak. Hopefully when we get closer to launch, there will be some more space to jump back into development of this map. The foundation is there, even some decoration has already been done. Here's a peek we released a while back 😉




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Very high hopes for this!

Nothing ever works perfectly on launch 🤐 FS I believe will remain priority, as it should until the team determines what they’ve worked so hard on no longer needs the attention. Butttt maybe it all goes off without a hitch 🤩

And on this day City Flying shall rise from the ashes and be reborn.

The community may finally forget about Field for a moment, I hope. APC rushes on the double, destination Valhalla (Nod/GDI PP). Let’s show these plebs what it means to lose all hope. They didn’t even know where the tunnels were yet and “The Power Plant was Destroyed” C6960BCC-5E17-4DCF-ADD9-2DA5007838D3.gif.52259c4c7d67fa7a8a9ffbfc92cdf976.gif


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