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Player feedback on RenX


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I know this project isnt new but I wanted to just list some things I didnt like in my short time in game.

  • Way too much voting is allowed IE skip map. There doesnt seem to be a cooldown or spam limit like classic Ren had.
  • way too much Information on the hud  as well as radio commands. I also didnt notice any anti spam like classic ren had for it.
  • Im playing games in a server and its non stop enemy spotted, defend this, repair this, warning cancer approaching. Its alot.
  • Why do we allow auto 4x zoom on sights of weapons? IE pistol and auto rifle. This seemed off to me as no other titles Im aware of do that.
  • I also find it hard to read and play vs the legacy chat box that was at the top of the screen. 


I would like to commend the team and volunteers. This game to date still looks AAA, puts modern titles to shame at times with its fidelity, and runs very well. at most, 35% utilization of my GPU on max settings and CPU about that or lower. 

Please fight to revive the game! I know EA sucks but dont stop trying to find a weak link in their corporation to get permission to put this on steam. Consider reaching out to say a project manager of the C&C Remastered from EA as they might care enough to consider a compromise of some sort. Ask reddit to band together and hassle EA for permission idk.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I mostly agree with what you say.

There actually are several anti-voting-spam mechanisms. You can't vote for a map changing vote (change, restart, surrender) more than once a minute. There's also a semi-global per team limit of at most one map changing vote every three minutes. The problem you're seeing is that the timeouts are so low that people who are really determined to vote in another map can easily keep voting until they eventually win a vote once.

HUD info spam is, well, you learn to ignore most of it but you're right that there's quite a lot of information there. Unfortunately with these kinds of things you may need information only 1% of the time but it's annoying to pop up an overlay window for them with the risk of getting blindsided. Human centric UI design is unfortunately rather hard.

The q-spotting spam (it's generated by pressing `q` when pointing at something) is indeed somewhat annoying. Some of it is legit, people spamming `q` to warn: hey the powerplant is currently under attack. But the system has a hard time prioritizing and summarizing (and I don't think it even tries). And because it's so easy to q-spot it happens a lot. My personal favorite in this regard is "I need repairs" (not a q-spot, but a radio command like it) being sent to everybody from a player on the far side of the map.

I don't play offensively much but I don't know if a high degree of zoom really hurts that much. It can help function as binoculars but very few weapons are good at long distance and the ones that are tend to be sniper rifles. Meanwhile being zoomed in really hurts your situation awareness which can easily lead to your demise.

The chat frankly isn't great. It's mostly mixed up all kinds of other messages so it's very easy to lose track of what's being said if you don't keep at least half your attention on it. It really boils down to UI design again. Classic Renegade's approach of splitting chat and gameplay messages worked better, albeit at the expense of screen real estate.

As for Steam, be careful what you're wishing for. When a previously relatively small community suddenly gets an influx of a large amount of new players that can seriously throw things out of whack. Currently RenX has a good balance between newcomers vs experienced players and I think that's part of what allows the game to still thrive after all those years.

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