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Making a disk launcher for FS part 1 I DO NOT WORK FOR TA THIS IS FOR FUN IAM NO DEV (this will not be uesd)


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I could see the first video.
I would recommend you to enable autosmooth in the Object Data Properties under "Normals" (though im not sure if that was automated in 3.0 with the automated auto smooth). If that doesnt help, then mark some edges as sharp (CTRL+E). Im a 2.93.8 user :p.
Nice beginning. I would make one segment and array the rest using a empty before adding the basic colors. And assign some vertex groups if you want to change colors to certain parts to the object. The vertex groups are also multiplied with the array modifier.

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Oh wow I get the auto smooth thing but all the other stuff i can or don't know what it is 


but thanks lol :)



have a lot more just takes long to upload



Part 3 more of the mag


OH OH NOOOO I made a umm... ops ? I forgot to save :( 


Do you want me to skip to gun or Remake the mag ?





OK i did a long one on this so you dont have to wach it will be posting a new one soon show casing the half baked one



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Here is what i mean with the Array modifier:m49d6TD.png


The empty is rotated 22.5 degrees. You may also want to recalculate the normals sometimes, as it messes up the bevel modifier if not all normals are pointing at the same direction (Shift+N).

Maybe you could consider Vimeo to solve the video issues.

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