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I know the game is near complete but... here's a new game mode FREE FOR ALL


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New game mode ideas 

Free for all 

There is 4 team for team one to 4 

at the beginning of the game, the team member vote on who their faction will be GDI or Nod if all teams pick nod that does not mean there are allies you could have 2 GDI and 2 nod, and the GDI would still go to war with each other any way after the voting all team are put at the corners of the map Then they go to war like one v one in renx but its a 1v1v1v1 

2 things for balancing and fun if one team HQ is destroyed the remaining team member of said lost team will be divided among the other 3 trimming teams or how many there are left. 2 if it's op when all 3 teams go against one instead of destroying the other HQ there is an ION cannon beacon in the middle of the map that needs to be """" charged """ like maybe 30 - 50 min depending would need to be tested then there are like 4 scout baes which will give bones to who has it so that would imply more strategy mabey T1 has ION and has 2 SB (scout base) so they are strong mabey don't go for ION and get their SB instead. so that's the Free for all game mode what you think of it I can give more detail  about what SB do or say how you hate it IRDK

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