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Arctic Stronghold - Rocket Rush Spots [Tutorial]


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Welcome Back Commanders!

This forum post will cover Arctic Stronghold rocket rush spots (from a safe distance, mostly) from start to finish for both factions. While your standard PUB (public games) are different from your PUG (Pick Up Games) experience, please use these spots wisely! Remember to communicate with your team and be mindful of your surroundings. You do not want a Stealth Black Hand (SBH) to triangulate your position to their team to ruin your teams rocket rush.

This forum post will be edited/updated if the spots get removed, and will provide a link to other maps in the bottom of this post. Will make a all-in-one video soon covering this as well!

1. Arctic Stronghold

Nod Side - Able to target GDI Power Plant on Perch




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Adv. Guard Tower from Back Infantry Path going towards Silo.




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Weapons Factory from Back Infantry Path going towards Silo.




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Adv. Guard Tower from Nod Tiberium Field




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Barracks from Nod Tiberium Field




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Adv. Guard Tower from GDI Tiberium Field using APCs




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Refinery from GDI Tiberium Field using APCs




Nod Side - Able to target GDI Power Plant from Nod Tiberium Field




GDI Side - Able to target Nod Obelisk from Perch




GDI Side - Able to target Nod Obelisk from Silo Path going towards EMP Island Side

UDK (Unreal Development Kit) based games Screenshot 2022.09.01 -



GDI Side - Able to target Nod Hand of Nod from GDI Infantry Path going towards Silo





GDI Side - Able to target Nod Obelisk from GDI Tiberium Field




GDI Side - Able to target Nod Refinery from GDI Tiberium Field




GDI Side - Able to target Nod Airstrip from GDI Tiberium Field




GDI Side - Able to target Nod Hand of Nod from EMP Island Side using APCs



----- END -----


Arctic Stronghold: <--- You are here! ⚠️
Cliff SideNot yet available.
ComplexNot yet available.
Crash SiteNot yet available.
DaybreakNot yet available.
DesolationNot yet available.
EyesNot yet available.
FieldNot yet available.
Field XNot yet available.
ForestNot yet available.
GoldrushNot yet available.
IslandsNot yet available.
Islands XNot yet available.
Lake SideNot yet available.
MesaNot yet available.
OasisNot yet available.
OutpostNot yet available.
SnowNot yet available.
SteppeNot yet available.
TombNot yet available.
ToxicityNot yet available.
TunnelsNot yet available.
UnderNot yet available.
UphillNot yet available.
VolcanoNot yet available.
WallsNot yet available.
WhiteoutNot yet available.
XMountainNot yet available.



Want to skip all these forum post and go straight into it? Check out the all-in-one video here: Not yet available.

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