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[CT Marathon] Complain: Madkyll kicked me for "no reason"

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After we just finished Xmountain, the map vote's gone like 16 : 16 for Outposts and Forest. Outposts had won and had begun, I so had started a map change vote.

Madkyll "instantly" kicked me out of the match for no reason:


After I rejoined this server, Madkyll had pretended, he had warned me last game? WTF?!

At first I didnt see any of such a message as we, Nod, were heavily fighting against GDI. They steamrolled us. When just our PP was alive, I started a Surrender Vote. The only vote I had done. 2 minutes later, GDI won:



"Absurd map change votes"?! "Zero Tolerance about abusing votes.."?!

They fucking kick for whatever reason, but dont ban cheater ~ again for whatever reason?! Awesome Mods.. I am pretty much pissed about this happening. I cannot even remember, when I had been kicked out of a game. Like ~20 years ago on a random Counter-Strike: Source Community Surf Server?! [...]

Well, I have Zero Tolerance about this useless kick which nearly killed my Saturday evening.. This is not fair at all.. A "mod abuse" at its finest..


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